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What’s “Noumea”? 

Geographically, Noumea is a city in New Caledonia, and it is pronounced “new-ME’-uh”.

As for Noumea Strategic Solutions, we are business strategists located in Cincinnati, Ohio, dedicated to guiding our clients to business growth. Of course there are many ways of taking revenue, profit and share to higher levels.

  • New markets. 
  • New Products. 
  • New customers. 
  • Strategic and comprehensive communications. 
  • Compelling marketing.

With over 100 years of collective experience across our associates, we serve multiple industries:

  • Architecture and Building Products  
  • Healthcare   
  • Consumer Products 
  • Logistics 
  • Business Services

Our capabilities begin with marketing and communication strategy, and carry through delivery to the intended target audience. In addition to strong strategic experience, our staff is also proficient in leading-edge marketing technologies.

What We Do



Noumea Strategic Solutions Helps Companies in a Variety of Industries Generate New Business, Revenue and Profits

New business opportunities come in many forms. We help our clients add to their customer base, enter new distribution channels, and develop new products and services.

How Noumea Strategic Solutions accomplishes this for our clients is through a unique worldview and a well integrated menu of services.

Our worldview is one embracing innovation, creativity, diversity and integration of successful ideas from multiple sources.

Our service capabilities include strategy level concept development and planning for needs that range from entire business enterprises, product development, marketing and communications to tactical program management and implementation.



Capabilites and Services



 Our strategic work for clients includes:

•Overall business strategy, guiding them to achieve “the next level” for their organization 

•Marketing strategy focusing on building awareness and market share 

•Communication strategy, providing integrated messaging across multiple channels and platforms, building audience engagement.  

Content Marketing


  Our experience spans both B2B and B2C markets. Our work serves a variety of business objectives. Some examples are:

•Business Development  

•Sales communications 

•Organizational communication

 •Continuing Education

 •Consumer goods advertising, promotion and social messaging  

Research and Analysis


  Research services range from broad market insights to industry-specific trends to organization specific intelligence. Noumea Strategic Solutions serves client research needs through:


•Focus groups 


•Industry and organizational studies  

Product Management & Development


  The need for organizations to be nimble is increasing. Whether start-ups or approaching a century in business, our clients look to Noumea Strategic Solutions for Product Management and Development for needs as varied as:

•Providing industry-specific experience and expertise for entering new markets and developing new products.

 •Supplementing internal resources to manage business growth profitably  


Industries We Serve


Architecture and Building Products  

•An industrial fabric company wanted to build their business by accessing new markets. Noumea Strategic Solutions created a plan to take them into architectural fabrics.

•A media company had developed cutting edge technology for delivering continuing education content. Noumea Strategic Solutions established a plan for them to expand course offerings through a growing portfolio of content sponsorts.   



•A medical equipment manufacturer was able to produce top quality products at better prices, with all manufacturing done in the United States, yet sales were underdeveloped. Noumea Strategic Solutions has created a new sales strategy and supports the sales team with a fully integrated content marketing plan. 

•With eCommerce channels continuing to evolve, Noumea Strategic Services is leveraging decades of retail experience to help healthcare companies develop new channels of distribution and reach new purchase decision makers.  


Consumer Products  (Marketing, sales, content marketing, Research)

•With Extensive experience across consumer products as diverse as debit cards, fresh cut product, specialty salsa and grill covers Noumea Strategic Solutions provides the expertise for achieving retail distribution and building brand awareness. 

•We support clients at tactical levels as well from promotion to merchandising to social media and more.  


•A third-party logistics company needed a strategy for SEO. We developed a communication strategy along with their website redesign, as well as a strategy for paid search. The strategies improved search results and built site traffic and conversions. 

•A transportation company needed a new content strategy to support their employee recruiting efforts and facilitate on-line applications in a competitive labor market. Noumea Strategic solutions created a plan that enhanced their hiring results.  


Business Services 

•A technology firm had all hands on deck serving clients, and wanted to continue building its customer base. Noumea Strategic Solutions provided a comprehensive business development strategy and managed inbound and outbound marketing to build a pipeline of new client prospects. 

•A major university wanted to build awareness and use of its conference services resources. Noumea Strategic Solutions provided website development expertise and integration to existing marketing communication channels. Enhanced search performance as well as user friendly tools for initiating event planning created new revenue and profits for the university. 

•A leadership consultant focused on the non-profit sector needed assistance developing a client base. Noumea Strategic Solutions developed the strategy to build awareness, enhance SEO and build a pipeline of potential clients. 

•A manufacturing company wanted to extend their capabilities into new markets and distribution channels. Beginning with market research, Noumea Strategic Solutions aided a traditionally B2B company expand into consumer goods.  

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Every project Noumea Strategic Solutions takes on is unique. Every client has a different need that we serve with a custom designed plan.

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Our Team

Jane Browe President/CEO


  From a strong foundation in classical sales and marketing experience, Jane Browe has developed her career with leadership responsibilities spanning a variety of industries including Architectural and Building Products, Consumer Goods, Agriculture/Produce, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking Services and Non-Profits. Through the course of her career, Jane has had P& L responsibility, and has led cross-functional, and at times, international teams in growth and development initiatives. 

Jane’s experience includes development in both for-profit and non-profit environments. She has held leadership positions with organizations of all sizes from entrepreneurial start-ups to mid-size privately owned firms to Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Hillenbrand Industries.

Jane is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, OH where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and her Masters in Communications. She is completing her Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership at Mount St. Joseph University. She holds a certificate from the Center for Creative Leadership in Foundations of Leadership.

Innovation and creativity are strengths Jane employs that enable organizations she works with to establish meaningful strategy that generates measurable results. She has a solid background developing unique positioning for organizations and their products and services, and engaging their target audiences effectively.

Jane currently provides strategic guidance and marketing services for firms across the United States.

Kenneth Browe IT Director Graphic/Web Design


With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Network Security from Loyola University Chicago, Kenneth Browe has over 23 year of experience in IT and Graphic and Web Design and over 18 years of industry experience in web and graphic design for organizations such as Kroger, Loyola University Chicago, Kyvan Soul Foods, and Casco Mfg.


While attending Loyola, he worked in the University’s marketing department with responsibility for website management, conference services marketing and digital marketing.


Beyond his deep knowledge and experience leading IT departments, Kenneth brings a unique ability to assimilate the detailed technical aspects of IT into the strategic realm.  He is a valuable resource for creative and innovative approaches to managing unique technology needs each client presents.

Over the course of his career, Kenneth has built expertise across multiple aspects of information technology that encompasses hardware, software, telecommunications and database management. Kenneth Browe joined Noumea Strategic Solutions after serving as IT Director for a leading business development firm in the advertising industry, and as a consultant for a firm providing website maintenance services. 

With expert knowledge of Adobe CS, HTML, PHP, ASP.net, RoR, Java, C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Python, Meticulous and detail oriented, Kenneth is never satisfied until the client is and can  accomplish any client's needs, large or small.


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